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Parking & Transit FSA

Eligible Expenses

Parking Account Expenses

Park and ride expenses

Parking at or near work

Parking at or near public transportation to get to work

Parking for a Carpool vehicle

Parking for a Vanpool vehicle

Transit Account Expenses




Subway/Light rail

Commuter Train

Transit passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers or similar items for transportation by bus, subway, train, and/or ferry

Vanpool (seating capacity of 6 or more adults, excluding driver, where 80% or more of miles for which vehicle is used is for transporting employees back and forth between work and home during which trips the vehicle is at least 50% full)

Ineligible Account Expenses


Car services such as Uber and Lyft

Expenses for spouse/dependents

Tolls, fuel, mileage, business trip costs, and airport parking fees

Parking expenses at or near your home

Parking expenses that are not at or near work

Paying the driver of a Carpool

For official IRS guidelines and restrictions on eligible expenses please visit

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