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General Purpose

Eligible Expenses

Please note:  Listed items must relate to a medical condition or treatment



Alcoholism Treatment


Artificial Limb

Artificial Teeth



Blood Pressure Monitor

Body Scan


Breast Feeding Class

Breast Pumps and Supplies

Breast Reconstruction Surgery (following mastectomy; with Letter of Medical Necessity)


Car Modifications (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Childbirth classes (mother only)


Cholesterol Test Kits/Supplies

Christian Science Practitioner

Co-insurance (medical, dental, vision, prescription)

Compression socks, stockings or hose (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Contact Lens Equipment and Materials

Contact Lenses (with prescription)


Copayment (medical, dental, vision, prescription)

Cord Blood Storage (treatment of known medical condition; with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Corneal Keratotomy

Cosmetic Procedures (birth defects, accidents, and/or disease; with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Counseling (for treatment of medical condition)

Crown (non-cosmetic)


Deductible (medical, dental, vision, prescription)

Dental Emergency Kit

Dental Procedures

Dental Reconstruction

Dental Reconstruction (including implants)

Dental Sealants

Dental Veneers (non-cosmetic and with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Dental, Oral and Teething Pain Products (OTC with prescription)

Dentures, Equipment and Materials

Dermatology Treatments/Products (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Diabetic Monitors/Test Kits/Strips/Supplies

Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic Services

Disabled Dependent Care Expenses

Doula or Birthing Coach (with letter of Medical Necessity)

Drug Addiction Treatment

Dyslexia Treatment (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Exercise Equipment/Program (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Eye Drops (OTC with prescription)

Eye Exams

Eye Related Equipment

Eye Surgery

Eye Treatment Medications (with prescription)

Eyeglasses (with prescription)

Fertility Enhancement

Fertility Monitor

Fertility Treatment (employee, spouse or dependent)

Fitness Program (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Flu Shot

Fluoridation Services (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Fluoride Rinse (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Fluoride Treatment

Guide Dog or Other Service Animal

Health Club Dues (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Health Institute (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Hearing Aids and Batteries

Herbal or Homeopathic Medicines (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Home for Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled

Home Improvements (for medical care; with Letter of Medical Necessity; see Capital Expenses on IRS website for restrictions)

Hospital Services

Humidifier, air filter and supplies (with Letter of Medical Necessity)


Incontinence Supplies

Insulin, Testing Materials and Supplies

Insurance Premiums (only HRA & QSEHRA, if plan allows, must be paid after-tax)

Laboratory Fees

Lamaze Classes (mother only)

Laser Eye Surgery

Lead-Based Paint Removal

Learning Disability Treatments

Legal Fees Necessary for Medical Care

Lifetime Care-Advance Payments

Lodging (to receive medical care; with Letter of Medical Necessity; limited to $50/night for patient and $50/night for caregiver)

Magnetic Therapy (over-the-counter; with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Massage Therapy (for treatment of medical condition; with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Mastectomy-related special bras

Meals (as a part of medical care)

Medical Conference (necessary to medical care)

Medical Equipment (for treatment of medical condition) and Repairs

Medical Records Charges

Medical Supplies (for treatment of a medical condition)

Medicines (with prescription and within the United States)


Monitors and Test Kits (over-the-counter)

Nursing Services

Occlusal Guard

Occupational Therapy

Office Visits (medical, dental, vision, chiro, psych, therapy)

Operations (non-cosmetic)



Organ Transplants (recipient and donor)

Ortho Keratotomy

Orthodontia (Braces, Retainer and Equipment)

Orthopedic and surgical supports



Over the Counter Medicines (with prescription and for non-cosmetic purposes)

Ovulation Monitor


Physical Examination

Physical Therapy

Pregnancy Test Kit

Prescription Drugs (for non-cosmetic purposes)

Psychiatric Care



Radial Keratotomy

Reading Glasses (OTC)

Safety Glasses (with prescription)

Sales tax, shipping and handling fees (for any eligible expense)

Special Education

Special Equipment (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Special School (for mental and physical disabilities; with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Speech Therapy


Stop-Smoking Programs

Sunglasses (with a prescription)

Sunscreen with SPF 15+ and broad spectrum, sunburn creams and ointments (over-the-counter)

Supplements (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Surgery (non-cosmetic)

Swimming Lessons (for medical condition)


Transgender Treatments/Surgery (with Letter of Medical Necessity)


Tubal Ligation

Tuition or Educational Classes (for a specific medical condition)

Urological Products


Varicose Vein Removal Surgery (for medical care)


Vision Care

Vision Correction

Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Test

Walking Aids (canes, walkers, crutches and related supplies)

Weight-Loss Program (with Letter of Medical Necessity)

Wheelchair and repairs


Wound Care (over-the-counter)


For official IRS guidelines and restrictions on eligible expenses please visit

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